Terms & Conditions

Basic Booking Terms & Conditions:

- Check in begins at 2 PM.
- Check out by 11 AM.
- The rooms are booked upon receipt of payment for at least one night.
- Pets are not allowed.
- Additional guests can be accommodated at the prices specified in the price list.
- Cancellations should be made at least 7 days prior to the arrival date (administrative charge is 5 Eur).


Additional Terms & Conditions:

1. The Party providing the accommodation service is not responsible for inaccurate or incorrect information provided by the customer.
2. The services must be fully paid on the day of arrival, before accommodation.
3.  If the client does not arrive until midnight on the first day of the booked period, the reservation will be canceled, unless otherwise specified in the additional agreement.
4. The payment for the services can be provided in cash (in litas and euros) or completed in advance via a bank transfer.
5. If the Party providing the accommodation service cannot provide reservation in the specified period, the client will be immediately informed and the reservation fee returned.
6. If the client is forced to leave before the specified period, the paid amount will not be returned, unless otherwise specified in the additional agreement.
7. The clients are not allowed to smoke , use candles, or other open flame devices in the rooms. Smoking is allowed on outdoor terraces and balconies.
8. The clients agree to be quiet in the rooms and rest areas during the quiet hours from 10 PM to 9 AM. A client who disturbs the public peace and does not react to the administration warnings will be asked to immediately leave the Holiday resort.
9. The client agrees to take good care of the property of the Holiday resort, adhere to safety rules, fire safety, and environmental protection.
10. The client agrees to properly use the recreation items and equipment, and immediately inform the administration about any breakages or flaws. The client also agrees to compensate the material and property damages caused by his actions.
11. Unauthorized visitors are not allowed in the Holiday resort area, unless otherwise specified in the additional agreement.
12. The clients are solely responsible for their safety and the safety of their children (wards).
13. The Party providing the accommodation service is not responsible for any damage caused to the clients by a third party.
14. On making a reservation, the client agrees to these Terms & Conditions.




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