The prices are given in Lithuanian litas (per night), depending on the number of people and duration of your stay. The prices may vary during holidays. Please contact us for a quote via our Booking page.



ACCOMMODATION OF ADDITIONAL GUESTS (not more than 4 people per apartment, incl. children):
Adults: 6 – 10 Eur per person per night, depending on the season.
Children under 10 years: 3 - 5 Eur per night, per child, depending on the season.


An example of price calculation for accommodation:
High season: two adults (48 Eur) + 1 child (5 Eur) = 53 Eur/night.



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Holiday resort "Zuvedros"

poilsis-sventojiPlease visit our website to learn more about our other Holiday resort, "Zuvedros", where you will find excellent holiday apartments at an affordable price.