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Do you want to have a great Lithuanian holiday with your parents and children? We are here to help you. Holiday resort "Beluga" is divided into several areas: for gaming, leisure, and barbecue. Our young guests may play on the playground or in a tent, and watch cartoons in the evening. Older children can play ball games and badminton or just stroll through the pine forest.

The rest area for adults provides a good opportunity to relax and unwind. The grilling area is equipped with tables, benches, and everything you need for grilling steaks and spending some time in a pleasant environment. You can also rent a variety of sports and recreation equipment or play board games for free. Our child care services will give you more free time and peace of mind to enjoy yourself during your vacation.




Leisure and recreation in Sventoji

The golden sandy Baltic beaches and green pine forests along the resort town of Sventoji are very popular among families and outdoor enthusiasts. Great leisure and entertainment centers attract a large number of tourists from different countries.

Foodies will enjoy the numerous restaurants and cafes serving delicious Lithuanian and international cuisine. In the evening you can have a memorable night out on the town for the entire family with a variety of activities: entertainment for children, live music, and dancing.
Active leisure enthusiasts will also discover a wide range of recreational activities. The beautiful Baltic beaches offer joy-rides on water scooters, water bikes, and boats. For a quieter time, take a canoe ride down the Sventoji river or go fishing. The beaches offer many attractions for adults and a playground for kids. Cycling fans will enjoy a beautiful bike route through the pine forest and along the coast, from Sventoji to Palanga. Lithuanian resorts boast the natural beauty and tranquility of the Baltic shore.

The areas surrounding the village of Sventoji can also offer wonderful recreational and cultural sights, such as museums, beautiful historic sites, parks, stables, swimming pools, country houses and baths, family entertainment centers, outdoor tennis courts, and other points of interest. The resort town of Palanga is located just 7.5 miles (12 km) from the Holiday resort, while the port of Klaipeda is situated 25 miles (40 km) away and offers exciting leisure opportunities.



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