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06/01/2016 (HOT!)
Dear Guest, the booking period for the summer holiday season 2016 starts right know. We invite you to make a reservation today!

Holiday resort "Beluga", situated in the resort town of Sventoji, invites visitors to experience the new holiday season. Here you will find comfortable and new accommodations by the sea, a wide range of services, and various entertaining activities for children and adults. Book your visit to our Holiday resort for Season 2014.

We are introducing our new website "Beluga", where you can get full information about our services, ask us questions in the chat, and make a reservation. Have a great holiday!

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Holiday resort "Zuvedros"

poilsis-sventojiPlease visit our website
poilsis-sventoji.lt to learn more about our other Holiday resort, "Zuvedros", where you will find excellent holiday apartments at an affordable price.